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About Intercultural Exchange Network-I.E.N (NPO)

> About Intercultural Exchange Network-I.E.N (NPO)


Specified Nonprofit Organization Intercultural Exchange Network-I.E.N was established in 2005 by some volunteers specialized in overseas education with an aim to support people achieving their goals on the global stage.

Nowadays, Japanese people can easily access to information from abroad thanks to the rapid progression of internationalization and the development of IT technology. At the same time, there are an increasing number of people who seek hands-on experience outside Japan for their study, work, or post-employment life.

With the support from domestic and international organizations sharing our values, we strives to realize our philosophy to “Promote intercultural exchange, develop talents with a global vision who can contribute to the international community, and contribute to international cooperation.” through the services below:

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    We provide clients with up-to-date information required for their daily life, study and work abroad as well as counselling on how to achieve their goals efficiently. In addition to introducing various overseas study/experience programmes, we create personalized plans tailored to each individual’s needs.

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    Prior to a client’s departure from Japan, we host an orientation session and provide practical advice on travel procedure, daily living in the host country, and what to do in case of troubles.

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    While a client is engaged in a programme abroad, we serve as contacts between local agencies and the client/their families in Japan. We provide clients with consistent and reliable support from their departure till return home.

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    After a client returns to Japan, we provide career support for the client in order for them to utilize their skills gained abroad. This support includes: introduction to appropriate employment/staffing agencies, provision of useful information, and advice on effective resume writing.

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    We regularly hold seminars on study abroad, overseas experience, and intercultural exchange at various locations in Japan.

We are always looking to extend our worldwide network of educational institutions – Language Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities. If you are welcoming new agents and interested in working with us, please contact us at